Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as an Adjunctive Intervention to Conventional Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction Medication for Men with Sexuality Concerns: Preliminary Responder Analysis

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a highly prevalent condition affecting nearly 300 million men globally and the use of regenerative medicine such as stem cells to reverse ED is highly desired. PRP is a volume of autologous plasma that has a platelet concentration above baseline. It can have up to 1,000,000 platelets/micro/ml in a 5-ml volume. To be effective PRP must contain platelet counts 4-6 times normal (1) It is rich in platelet growth factors as well as fibrin matrix – which is essential for tissue healing and regeneration. It is free from transmissible diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. There is a limited number of published peer reviewed articles demonstrating clinical outcomes pertaining to PRP for ED in humans (2). Globally in 2019 there were approximately 683 clinics using PRP for ED treatments (3). There remains a growing interest in regenerative medicine.

PRP remains unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), controversial and still considered experimental by many HCP in the field of male sexual dysfunction. Although some organizations label both PRP as experimental, data is forthcoming and emerging. Patients should be made aware that these are unapproved procedures with emerging data and should be fully informed and consented regarding the potential benefits and risks. Patients should be seeking experienced health care professionals who have clinical expertise in this procedure with published research data.

A random convenience sample of 53 men out of a possible 199 patients from 9 national men’s sexuality centers who underwent at least one PRP treatment as an adjunct to their ED treatment were sent an electronic survey. Surveys were anonymous, and participation was voluntary. The participants were uncompensated.

Revibe patients that have completed one or more PRP treatment for ED signed a communications consent form.

76% of respondents were 55-74 years of age. 57% were married and 21% were divorced

94 percent noticed an improvement in erectile function with less than 4 treatments whereas nearly 80% (77%) showed an improvement after only 1 treatment

Responders reported positive feedback which included:
77% improvement in overall quality of erections
74% improvement in erection firmness
68% improvement in overall sexual satisfaction
68% would recommend the PRP procedure to a friend
64% reported increased overall sexual pleasure

Results were consisted when in combination with ICI, LIESWT, ED medications or TRT
Responders that combine PRP with ICI score highest overall personal improvement results compared to other treatments in combination with PRP

PRP appears to be a helpful adjunctive treatment to a preexisting treatment paradigm for erectile difficulty or testosterone replacement.

While This is a preliminary report with small numbers, and further larger randomized clinical trials are warranted.

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