Michael J. Dimitrion

Dr. Michael J. Dimitrion, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Dimitrion has more than 40 years of medical experience. As the Medical Director at Revibe Men’s Health. He is the leader in our medical team, and our leading expert in low testosterone, men’s hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, and men’s sexual health. Learn More

Dr. Andrew I. J. Allshouse

Dr. Andrew I. J. Allshouse, N.D.

Seattle, WA Provider

Dr. Andrew Allshouse has 15-plus years of experience treating men. Dr. Allshouse provide men them with the highest level of care and results available at any local Seattle men’s health clinic for Low-T, ED, sexual health and weight loss. Learn More

Richard Ares

Richard Ares, PA-C, MPAS, MPH

Honolulu, HI Provider

Mr. Ares has more than 20 years of clinical medical experience working in primary care, occupational medicine, and preventative medicine. He also has multiple master’s degrees in health, and is a US Army veteran who served as a medic. Learn More

Kyle D. Bond, FNP-C

Sacramento, CA Provider

Revibe Sacramento’s provider, Kyle D. Bond, offers over 10 years of medical experience in sexual health, TRT optimization, and primary care medicine. He is a graduate of Siena Heights University and Maryville University. Learn More

Nicole Chrysler, PA-C

Honolulu, HI Provider

Revibe Hawaii’s provider, Nicole Chrysler, offers over 20 years of medical experience in weight loss, management, and obesity care, as well as treating general health and metabolic syndrome issues. Graduate of University of Washington, she emphasizes disease prevention for a healthy life. Learn More

Andrew Epstein

Dr. Andrew Epstein, D.O.

Tucson, AZ Provider

Dr. Andrew Epstein has 12-plus years’ experience focused on treatments for men. In addition to his expertise in Low-T, ED, sexual health and weight loss, he is a also a specialist in aesthetics and skin treatments for men. Learn More

Dr. Gene Eysmont, N.D.

Portland, OR Provider

Revibe Portland’s provider, Dr. Gene Eysmont, N.D., applies extensive experience in
men’s health, primary care medicine, and medical research to provide Revibe patients
with evidence-based, patient-focused treatments and care. He received his Bachelor of
Science from Portland State University and his Doctorate from the National University of
Natural Medicine. Learn More

Dr. Stephen Kerr M.D.

Seattle, WA Provider

Dr. Stephen Kerr, M.D. has worked extensively in many aspects of men’s health over his 20-plus year medical career. He is a US army veteran and has a strong belief in evidence-based practice. Learn More

Calen Powell, MSN, APRN FNP-C

Calen Powell, MSN, APRN FNP-C

Salt Lake City, UT Provider

Calen Powell has 6-plus years of men’s health, cardiovascular medicine, acute care, and evidence-based medicine. He provides the highest quality of care to his Utah patients, focused on men’s Low-T, weight loss, ED and sexual health treatments. Learn More

Leeann Prochaska

Dr. Leeann Prochaska, N.D.

Seattle, WA Provider

Dr. Leeann Prochaska has been focused on treating men for 3-plus years. In addition to her focus on treating men’s sexual health and wellness she has advanced training in digestive disorders, chronic disease and physical medicine. Learn More

Dr. Eric Ramos

Eric Ramos, PA-C

Tulsa, OK Provider

Eric Ramos PA-C, has more than 8 years’ experience treating men. His expertise is focused on medical weight loss, testosterone therapy and ED. He also is a US veteran and has extensive military medic experience. Learn More

Josephine R. Salazar

Josephine R. Salazar MSN, AGPCNP-BC

San Antonio, TX Provider

Josephine Salazar, MSN, AGPCNP-BC has 10-plus years of experience working in men’s health and urology medicine. She is our San Antonio healthcare specialist in Low-T, ED and weight loss. Her experience also includes internal medicine, primary care, and surgery for men. Learn More

Andrew Terhune

Andrew Terhune, PA-C

Sacramento, CA Provider

Andrew Terhune, PA-C has 5-plus years of experience in men’s health, and has also worked in pulmonology, sleep medicine, and urgent care medicine. He provides the highest standard of patient care by practicing evidence-based medicine. Learn More

Jennifer Webb, APRN-CNP

Oklahoma City, OK Provider

Jennifer Webb, is Revibe’s highly experienced healthcare provider in Oklahoma City with expertise in family medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy, weight loss care, emergency medicine, and pain management. Graduate of University of Oklahoma and University of South Alabama. Learn More