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Hair Restoration Treatments

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Hair Restoration Treatments

Hair loss is a common condition that affects people young and old. We’ve been treating patients of all ages since 2011, and we’re happy to announce we are now offering customized hair restoration services.

Our personalized combination hair restoration therapies are customized just for you and your type of hair loss. Every person is unique, and our personalized hair loss regimens are a science-based solution to improve your results and confidence.

There are generally three potential causes for hair loss. Usually hair loss is genetic, however there are medical issues and medications that can also cause or contribute to hair loss.

Revibe will create a treatment plan and formulas specifically for your hair loss and restoration goals.

Hair Restoration Treatments

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Our Custom Hair Restoration Treatments

While every hair restoration patient is different, we’ve found a few specific types of hair restoration treatments that work well for our patients.

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Our partner compounding pharmacy will create your custom medication based on the healthcare professional directions to create a formula specifically for your type of hair loss and hair restoration goals. All oral and topical treatments are used once a day as prescribed. We offer finasteride and minoxidil compounded treatments based on your specific hair loss. These oral and topical medications are proprietary formulas created specifically for you.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has been shown in clinical studies to be effective as a novel and innovative treatment for hair restoration. This treatment is used as a combination therapy with oral and topical medications as prescribed by your healthcare professional. These prescribed treatments are completed in our men’s clinic and prescribed based on your hair restoration goals. PRP may require more than one treatment session to achieve your restoration goals.

A Science-Based Approach to Hair Loss

We believe that the best treatment is tailored and customized. That’s why all our treatments start with, a quick but thorough, comprehensive one-on-one consultation with one of our healthcare professionals. Our men’s health professionals listen to your challenges, take your hair loss history into account, review your treatment options and hair restoration goals, and then develop a customized treatment plan designed to effectively restore your hair.

Step 1 Initial Consultation

You’ll meet with one of our qualified medical professionals. You and your provider will discuss your experiences with hair loss, as well as your health history and any other related factors that may be impacting your condition. Unlike other doctor’s offices or men’s clinics, there’s no waiting time at Revibe Men’s Health and the process is always confidential.

Step 2 Treatment Plan

Depending on your desired hair restoration goals, medical health history, physical examination, and other impacting health factors, our healthcare professional will create a treatment plan that’s customized to your needs.

Step 3. Treatment & Monitoring

For most of our patients, hair restoration programs involve customized medications (oral and/or topical solutions) combined with PRP regenerative medicine or Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We offer a range of treatment options, and your healthcare professional will work with you to find the custom treatment plan that’s most effective for you.

Before and After Examples

These before and after hair restoration photos are featured to illustrate the type of results you could get with your own Revibe program.

These two patients are still under treatment working toward their ultimate hair growth goals!

Meet Tom (Hawaii)

Tom underwent custom PRP and hair restoration medication combination therapy.

Before - December 2021

Top of a person's head before hair treatment

After - April 2022

Top of a person's head after hair treatment

Meet Patrick (Texas)

Patrick has been a PRP hair restoration patient, using no medications.

Before - February 2022

Top of a person's head before hair treatment

After - April 2022

Top of a person's head after hair treatment

Our Promise

Revibe Men’s Health by Universal Men’s Clinic promises every patient a tailored treatment plan based upon individualized assessment, focused therapies, and close monitoring to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Johnathon K, Honolulu HI

Easy And Stress-Free Healthcare

I really like how easy and convenient UMC makes it to take care of myself. I wish I had this service years ago. I was a little nervous but it was easy and the provider I talked to was very understanding. This will be my go-to from now on because it is quick, easy, and convenient.

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Just as they have been trusted by thousands of men to effectively tackle their most private, medical concerns with confidentiality and care, you can trust Revibe Men’s Health to utilize their partnership with compounding pharmacies and their 10+ years of experience solely focused on men’s health to offer effective hair restoration treatments for men.

If the medication helps you, you will start to see results in about 3-6 months.

Some men who have used hair restoration medications have side effects. Your healthcare provider will examine and ask you about your preexisting conditions and medications you take to understand your health profile. Your Revibe Healthcare professional continuously monitors your progress and works with you if you experience side effects.

You will be presented options for your program that best fit your desired outcome and hair growth goals. Your prescribed treatment may include one medication or combination therapy including medication and PRP, or supplements.

To maintain results, you must continue using your medications as prescribed.

PRP hair restoration relies on platelet-rich plasma from your blood to stimulate hair growth. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a component of your blood that contains growth factors that can trigger new cell development within the tissues. PRP has been used throughout the medical community for decades, and now the power of growth factors has been harnessed for hair restoration for men and women.

The cost of PRP hair restoration does vary and is based upon the degree of hair loss, size of the treatment area, and the number of treatments that are needed for best results. This information is determined during your consultation with one of our healthcare professionals.

  • It is non-surgical
  • It does not require incisions, so there are no scars
  • It results in completely natural hair growth pattern
  • There is no downtime

PRP hair restoration does help with male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is genetic and causes a distinctive pattern of balding that begins at the temples and makes the hairline recede. Men also experience thinning and balding on the crown.

PRP hair restoration begins with us extracting the platelet-rich plasma from a sample of your blood. Very little blood is needed for the procedure. The blood is processed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP from other components. The PRP can be applied directly to the scalp when combined with microneedling.

A medical professional draws your blood to prepare the PRP. Using a state-of-the-art centrifuge, growth factors are extracted from the blood and concentrated. Using a numbing cream, a Revibe Men’s Health provider prepares areas of the scalp for injection, then injects the PRP.

PRP hair restoration does not require any recovery or aftercare.

Your hair has a standard growth cycle, and you may notice that some hairs fall out after the treatment. This is normal. Those follicles will regrow new hair shafts, and over time, the shafts will grow longer and stronger than before your PRP hair restoration treatment.

The cost for hair restoration varies as each treatment program is customized to the individual man. Consult with a Revibe Men’s Health professional to discuss your hair restoration goals and receive a personalized medical recommendation.

While we do not accept insurance, we offer each patient cost-effective medical treatments of the highest quality. This concierge care means patients receive unlimited access to Revibe’s medical team for support and monitoring, and treatments that are personalized for maximized benefits and minimized side-effects.