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Our Story

Universal Men’s Clinic began as one clinic in Honolulu and is now a network of clinics in 10 cities around the U.S, with a commitment to men’s health and specialization in Low-T and ED treatments. In 2021, we expanded our services, hired additional providers and changed our name to Revibe Men’s Health, all while remaining committed to helping men perform their best in all aspects of their lives. At Revibe, we offer individualized care, a concierge model of treatment, personalized and precision medication, and breakthrough technology. We’ve successfully treated tens of thousands of men and can customize a treatment plan that gets results for you, too.

New Patient, Sacramento, CA

Easy And Stress-Free Healthcare

From the first phone call, everyone has been incredible. We actually discovered an underlying health issue and Revibe Men’s Health by Universal Men’s Clinic has worked closely with my specialist & primary. Two months in and things are starting to “turn back on”. Back in the gym 6 days a week. Colors seem a little brighter. Life is beginning to feel a bit more normal again. The best part…I haven’t cried at any commercials lately!

Thank you Revibe UMC for helping me on the road to getting my life back as a man.

Conditions & Treatments

Our treatments and consultations are available in-office or via telemedicine appointment with our medical providers.


Those little blue pills fail 30% of the time (PDF). Our customized ED treatments support your needs, resulting in a much higher patient satisfaction rate.

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Most men lose 1-2% of their testosterone each year. Our testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and Low-T treatments are designed to get you back on track, effectively giving you more energy, improved sleep, and a better sex drive. Revibe offers injectable testosterone, testosterone creams and testosterone pellets. Book a consultation today to learn more about our customized Low-T and TRT programs.

Our PE treatments help to enhance both function and duration, meaning you’ll last longer and make your partner so much happier.

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Revibe Men’s Health medical providers don’t just pull generic medication out of the warehouse. They partner with compounding pharmacies to go beyond the “one pill fits all” medication and deliver truly customized treatments.

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It’s time to rethink your ED treatment. Renaissance Wave is our drug-free, non-invasive, painless, focused (LI-ESWT) wave therapy treatment for ED and Peyronie’s. There IS a difference in wave therapy treatments. Some wave therapy requires local anesthesia or can only penetrate the surface, which may require more frequent treatments. Renaissance Wave is the gold-standard focused wave therapy for lasting results.

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Tap into your body’s own natural healing potential by drawing from the nutrients and growth factors from your own blood. This new ED treatment process is intended to help stimulate and accelerate collagen formation, tissue regeneration, and the formation of new vascular networks within the penis. Ask your Revibe health care professional for more information about how this new ED therapy derived from your own blood can rejuvenate damaged and aged penile tissue to improve your performance. We also offer vacuum erection devices to offer alternative and additional drug-free options that fit your lifestyle.

Our Providers​

Our specially-trained health care providers offer personalized care that’s confidential and professional, with a high patient satisfaction.

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Check out the latest blog posts from Revibe on ED, Low-T and all the newest trends in men’s health and wellness treatments. We feature articles, studies and analysis of men’s health, treatments and tips on how to live your best life.