Medical Weight Loss & Weight Management

Revibe Men’s Health can help you lose weight and keep it off. Experience the power of custom nutrition plans, metabolism boosting treatments, and ongoing support.



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3 Steps to a New You

We believe that the best treatment is tailored and customized. That’s why all of our treatments start with a quick but thorough one-on-one consultation with one of our medical providers. Our providers listen to your challenges, take your history into account, and then develop a customized treatment plan designed to effectively resolve your erectile dysfunction.

Analyze and understand your unique metabolism

Your Revibe weight loss program begins with an exam, DNA analysis and blood work to determine your metabolic profile and nutritional needs.

Start your weight loss journey

Medication Support
Revibe gives you access to healthcare professionals who can provide prescription support to help manage your appetite. Also included are Lipotropic Injections of 8-complex vitamins, amino acids and fat burning catalysts.

Nutrition and Exercise
Our weight loss plan includes Nutrigenomix, genetic testing for personalized nutrition, Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet® and partnerships with gyms and trainers to develop an exercise program that works for you.

Ongoing support from Revibe includes:

Consultations with Healthcare Professionals

Blood Work

Precision Prescription Support

Continued diet, exercise, and nutrition monitoring

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No matter where you are in the weight loss journey, Revibe provides safe, non-surgical approaches to weight loss that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

If you’re interested in the latest safe, comfortable and proven treatments for effective weight loss or weight management, Revibe is the best place to start. Start your best life today.

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Medical Weight Loss FAQs

Revibe offers a new, personalized, non-surgical science-based approach to losing weight and improving fitness. In addition to ongoing medical supervision and assistance, we empower patients with the knowledge and skills to proactively manage their own health. Our program goes beyond calorie counting to create a program you can maintain for life.

Those that aren’t seeing their desired results at the gym or after dieting are ideal candidates for the medical weight loss programs at Revibe. Whether you need to lose 10 or 110 pounds, we can help you reach your weight loss goals. Our medical team will develop a customized program that will help you lose weight and transition into a healthier lifestyle.

You will be evaluated and approved for any weight loss program or treatment. Only those patients approved for treatment will be allowed to participate or purchase weight loss products or services. Any motivated patient is welcome to schedule a consultation and begin treatment when approved by a healthcare professional at Revibe.

Your healthcare professional will create a personalized plan for you that helps you succeed and begin new habits that will transform your weight, level of fitness and satisfaction. We ensure you have ongoing support and monitoring when you need it. Your own weight loss goals define how long the program ‘takes’, but health and eating habits to maintain your ideal weight or fitness requires long-term changes. Our team will help you create a plan that works for you.

Yes! A health condition is one of the main reasons for enrolling in a medically supervised program. Obesity and being overweight can be significant factors to a variety of medical conditions, as well as vice-a-versa – medical conditions and medications can contribute to weight challenges. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your weight loss process is done safely.

No. Trying to lose weight on your own can be challenging. Many individuals find they need guidance and direction on their weight loss journey. Research has demonstrated that personal counseling can help people lose weight and keep it off †. Patients are successful on our program because every patient is treated, motivated, and supported by our trained healthcare professionals.

Recent physicals or tests conducted by your Primary Care Physician are acceptable. For us to retrieve this information, you will be required to sign a release form during your Initial Consultation.

When you come in for your consultation, the healthcare professional will thoroughly review your medical history and discuss it with you to review any contraindications or potential issues.

No. We never give out stand-alone prescriptions for appetite suppressants. We believe they can be safely used in conjunction with a comprehensive weight loss program including ongoing medical supervision.

No, nothing about our program is mandatory, including medications. In some cases, we prescribe appetite suppressants for medical reasons to help curb hunger and cravings, but, if you do not take the medication, you can still be successful.

We do not offer bariatric surgery at our practice. If you are unsure whether such a serious procedure is right for you, we invite you to first give medically supervised weight loss a try. You’ll be subject to less expense, fewer lifestyle changes, and less risk.

Every patient is different. Your Revibe health care professional will set up a schedule for clinic or telehealth visits based on your weight loss program, goals and needs.

Patients who follow their programs and maintain their in-clinic treatments and evaluations tend to see results within the month that treatment begins.

The Revibe team will provide the program, tools and guidance to help you succeed. The success rate of the program is entirely dependent on the individual, their commitment to their weight loss program and the goals they have set for themselves.

Please check with your insurance provider to determine whether your treatment is eligible for reimbursement. Revibe Men’s Health does not take insurance, but we provide financing options for patients who desire an alternative payment method.

Program fees can vary for each individual and are based on your own weight loss goals and medical needs. Book a consultation with your local Revibe clinic today to discuss your options.

We recommend you speak with your tax accountant to determine whether our program can be deducted from your taxes.

Every patient is different, and how much weight you can lose depends on your personal Body Mass Index, health conditions, motivation level and goals. Our staff will design your Revibe program and monitor your progress so that you can safely achieve your goals. Then it’s up to you to take action and follow the recommended program we’ve designed specifically for you.

This will vary by individual and your own goals. To lose weight quickly, and safely, medical supervision is highly recommended. Plus, you get the added benefit of learning habits to help you keep the weight off.

Exercise is not a required component of our approach, but we do encourage exercise and physical activity to improve your weight loss, fitness level and to help you feel better overall.

We will work with you to find a solution together that advances and sustains your weight loss and health gain goals. Sometimes our patients find they have actually gained muscle and lost fat and the scale doesn’t know the difference!

Our diet consists of real food that you can purchase at your grocery store. We educate you on appropriate food choices and portion sizes because this is not a quick fix. This program is geared to help you make a lifestyle change so you succeed in your goals. Patients looking for recipe ideas and to simplify meal planning will love our Revibe cookbook.

Every patient is different, and how much weight you can lose depends on your personal Body Mass Index, health conditions, motivation level and goals. Our staff will design your Revibe program and monitor your progress so that you can safely achieve your goals. Then it’s up to you to take action and follow the recommended program we’ve designed specifically for you.

Yes, and in America obesity is becoming an epidemic which claims nearly 300,000 lives every year. Obesity is fast becoming the United States leading cause of preventable death. It is estimated that 68% of the adult population is overweight. Studies indicate that obesity correlates with an increased incidence of injury from accidents such as falling, and even being hit by cars crossing the street. Obesity adds risk to any medical operation requiring anesthesia.

Obesity increases the risk of developing diseases including:
  • Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA)
  • Heart attack (myocardial infarction or MI)
  • Heart failure (congestive heart failure)
  • Cancer (certain forms such as cancer of the prostate and cancer of the colon and rectum)
  • Gallstones and gall bladder disease (cholecystitis)
  • Gout and gouty arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) of the knees, hips, and the lower back
  • Sleep apnea (failure to breath normally during sleep, lowering blood oxygen)

As of 2009-2012, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 68% of US adult men were overweight (includes obesity). Among men, the prevalence of obesity was 40.3% according to the CDC in 2017-2018.

The BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation which takes your weight in kilograms (kg) divided by your height in meters (m)squared. Since your BMI describes your body weight relative to height, it correlates strongly with your amount of body fat. However, it is not a direct measure of body fat, and by itself is only an indicator of obesity/overweight. For example, very muscular individuals can have a high BMI without being overweight. Because of this, other methods such as calculating waist-to-hip circumference ratios are also used to evaluate obesity. Note that BMI is used differently for children. For Adults, these are the generally accepted ranges within BMI:
  • Normal weight 18.5 – 24.9
  • Overweight 25-29.9
  • Class I Obesity 30 – 34.9
  • Class II Obesity 35 – 39.9
  • Class III Obesity 40+