Is your ED, Low-T or Heart Disease?

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By Andrew I. J. Allshouse, N.D. – Revibe Men’s Health Seattle

“Is your ED Low-T or heart DZ?”

Yeah, okay there are some great medications for ED. They are easy to use and have a small risk for, generally tolerable, side effects. So how come these medications are not over-the-counter like they are in places like Mexico? What is the downside of using a quick fix? Is it okay to ignore the trouble brewing under the surface?

Unfortunately, men notoriously ignore health problems. If you can cope with, hide, or ignore the problem, it basically does not exist, right?!

No! Troubled erections are the one thing that drags guys into the doctor’s office and ignoring underlying contributors to ED can be life-threatening. Phoning it in doesn’t work!

You wouldn’t call your mechanic and say, “I’m going to skip my oil change because, everything is running just fine.” Except everything is not just fine, there is a check-oil light on and you are hoping your mechanic will not ask about any warning lights.

Ignoring ED contributors can be as bad as ignoring a check-oil light.

Yes, there are cars out there with faulty sensors or wiring that is not critical to the function of the vehicle, but it needs to be investigated!

ED may be a sign of a deterioration of your heart function and it is associated with high blood pressure. If these problems are ignored, they can contribute to risks of heart attack, stroke, and early death.

On the more benign side, but equally insidious is low testosterone. If ignored low testosterone can contribute to low motivation, fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, muscle weakness, daytime sleepiness, low sexual desire, and a grumpy mood. It may eventually contribute to a shortened lifespan, but the science is not clear on the mechanism.

As mentioned, there are quick and safe fixes, so there is no worry about the failure of the intervention. If pills don’t cut it, regenerative treatments or higher forms of intervention can. It might be that your progressively worsening ED is benign.

However, ignoring the cause of the trouble may result in a life-threatening incident or condition. In between the extremes is an accelerated aging process and a bit of misery as you hide or compensate for the trouble you ignore. Revibe Men’s Health has treated tens or thousands of men and has the expertise to diagnose and prescribe the best treatment for the best possible outcome.