Is PRP Treatment for ED right for you?

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By Josephine R. Salazar MSN, AGPCNP-BC

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative treatment using injections of a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma to help stimulate new tissue growth, with the goal of restoring blood flow and healing muscle cells.

Here at Revibe Men’s Health we develop personalized treatment plans with PRP and can also prescribe alone or in combination with our Renaissance Wave therapy and/or custom medications. By drawing from the nutrient and growth factor portion from your own blood, the process is intended to help stimulate new tissue growth. This is a simple and non-surgical procedure. There is little to no discomfort when administered and little to no downtime after the treatment.

Many of the first questions asked are “when and how fast will I see results?”. The effects of your PRP procedure may be noticed 3 weeks after therapy. Optimal results are usually experienced between 3-6 months with those effects lasting 6-12 months. “How often can PRP be done?”. It is recommended that you receive no more than one PRP treatment within 3 months.

After completing your treatment you will then follow up with a Health Care Physician in 12 weeks to go over the benefits. Almost all patients have stated that within 2 weeks they have seen drastic improvements in the strength of their erections. The proof is also in the data. Patients are asked a series of questions from the IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function) before the procedure and then at the 12 post mark. It is a total of 16 questions rated from 0 to 5 with 5 being the greatest functional results. Our San Antonio Location has taken 15 random patients IIEF score sheets with the first scores (before PRP treatment) ranging from as low as 15 to 36. When this same group was asked the questions at their 12 week post appointment the scores showed great improvement that then ranged from 21 to 71. This particular group of patients doubled if not tripled their scores!

With that being said, if you feel like PRP may be right for you, call any of our locations and schedule your appointment for a consultation with one of our skilled Health Care Physicians. Let us help you get your Erections back where they need to be.