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Your mind is powerful enough to cause erection issues. Things like stress, anxiety, and depression can cause ED and result in even more stress, putting you in a vicious cycle.


Surprise: Many things that are unhealthy to your body also tend to cause erection issues. Obesity, no exercise, alcohol/drug use, and bad sleeping habits can be factors that cause ED.


ED can also be correlated with many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and more. Other conditions could be trauma/injury to the penis, or even development of scar tissue.

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Experts in ED

Dr. Michael J. Dimitrion, M.D. – Medical Director

Dr. Michael Dimitrion is our leading expert in erectile dysfunction and ED treatments for men in Hawaii. He also acts as our medical director with over 40-years’ experience. Learn More

Richard Ares, PA-C, MPAS, MPH

Mr. Ares is a resident ED, sexual health expert in Honolulu. He has more than 20 years of clinical medical experience working with men, including military medical experience and private practice. Learn More

Nicole Chrysler, PA-C

Nicole Chrysler, PA-C has practiced more than 20 years. Her expertise includes a specialty custom erectile dysfunction and ED treatments for men in Hawaii. Learn More

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You Are Not Alone

Over 50% of men will experience erectile dysfunction when they hit 40+. See what other men like you are saying…

Great environment and respectful. This is the place you need to go for your men’s health issues. You will not be disappointed! They are the utmost professionals.

– Sean H.

“The team and the doctor is very understanding and willing to get you to your peak performance as a male, in the most proper and healthy way.”

– Cameron S.

Honolulu, Free Yourself From Erectile Dysfunction

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Our Honolulu Clinic Provides You 3 Easy Steps to Eliminate ED

Revibe will help guide you every step of the way.

Initial Consultation

Meet with one of our qualified medical providers and discuss your issues with ED. Our Honolulu trained doctors will get to know you, your history, and any other related information to make sure you’re treated the best way possible.

Testing and Treatment Plan

Using the data from step 1, and any other additional tests if needed, our Honolulu doctors will formulate a plan tailored specifically to you. Every man is different, which is why your treatment plan is customized specifically for your needs.

Treatment and Monitoring

Usually, our patients resolve their ED issues by the first round. But if not, no worries. Our Honolulu providers offer a wide range of treatment options and will continue to keep an eye on your progress.

You’re Not the Same as Every Other Man

Here at the Honolulu Revibe Men’s Health Clinic, we understand how specific each man’s issues can be. We offer completely customized solutions for your ED:

Sublingual Medications (Under The Tongue)
Sublingual erectile dysfunction medication tends to act faster and be more effective in some scenarios, and is less likely to be negatively affected by the food you may have eaten.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Replacing testosterone can help to improve erectile dysfunction directly, as well as provide a range of other benefits, such as increased sexual desire and libido, improved mood and quality of life, development of muscle mass, and a reduction in fat deposits.

Intracavernosal Injections
For some patients where other treatments don’t work, intracavernosal injections applied to the base of the penis can offer a quick and effective treatment for ED. Our clinicians teach patients to perform these injections at home. Intracavernosal injections can produce a long-lasting erection just 7–10 minutes after administering.

Renaissance Wave™️
For erectile dysfunction Renaissance Wave™ Therapy is a low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) focused ultrasound that treats erectile dysfunction. This treatment breaks down plaque buildup that naturally occurs in men to improve erectile function.

Plasma Treatment For ED
This new ED treatment process taps into your body’s own natural healing potential by drawing from the nutrients and growth factors in your own blood. We also offer vacuum erection devices to offer alternative and additional drug-free options that fit your lifestyle..

Custom Medications
At Revibe, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to treating men’s health issues. We provide a personalized pharmacy service that can mix medications tailored to your individual needs. This approach not only improves efficacy but also lowers the risk of experiencing generic medication side effects.

Honolulu, Say Goodbye To Your ED

Erectile dysfunction is something all men should feel comfortable talking about. Book a consultation at our Honolulu clinic to talk about how we can help you overcome ED and get you back to a great sex life!