Semaglutide & Other New Cutting-edge Weight Loss Prescription Options Offer Impressive Results

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By: Eric Ramos, PA-C, Revibe Men’s Health – Tulsa

The treatment of weight loss has reached an exciting point and is only becoming more promising with even newer pharmaceutical options on the horizon. With the advent of glucagon-like peptide 1 ( GLP-1 ) analogs like our new semaglutide offering, once unattainable goals are now within reach. Semaglutide is proven to lower blood sugar and A1C ( glycated hemoglobin ), lowers risk of major cardiovascular events and in numerous clinical studies patients’ weight loss has been no less than impressive.¹

Bottom-line, what this now means for Revibe patients is that we can now more thoroughly address weight concerns especially when combined with our expertise in testosterone therapy which in and of itself can lead to an improved body composition; basically more lean muscle mass and lower fat mass. ²

Semaglutide drives improvement through three primary ways. It facilitates pancreatic insulin secretion to address increases in blood sugar, prevents the liver from releasing too much sugar and slightly slows the movement of food through the digestive tract, which helps you feel fuller, and thus decreases appetite. This combination of actions is what leads to the improvement of an individual’s metabolic health.

Semaglutide is administered on a once weekly basis typically to the belly fat, as a subcutaneous injection. If a weekly injection does not seem like the right fit for you, no worries, Revibe also has a range of proven oral medications that have helped patients not only meet their weight loss goals but more importantly has allowed them to become more active and improve dietary approach which leads to sustained results. In short, leading to an overall more health conscious lifestyle.

If the thought of not only finally addressing weight concerns but also achieving a better quality of life sounds appealing then connect with your local Revibe experts for a full consultation, comprehensive labs, and body composition assessment to see if you are a candidate for semaglutide or our other weight loss programs.


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